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Michael Green's Tunable Loudspeakers

The secret to building a fine musical instrument, in the end, is knowing how to voice the wood. You can be the greatest crossover tech, or have the best high end audio story to tell, but if you're not understanding 'Voicing The Wood' how are you ever going to recreate music notes, as they relate to timbre?
Built like musical instruments, to sound like music. 
Michael Green
"It is my belief that the last component in the audio chain (before the room environment) should be made like a musical instrument, free resonant and tunable. The end user should be able to make his or her own sound choices. You would never play a guitar, viola, piano or any instrument out of tune with the room, why would you do this with a speaker?"

Rev 60

The Revolution Series 
The MGA Rev Series started back in 1992. The line was based on Michael's studio mastering monitors that had some fame in the mid 1980's. The name 'Revolution' came from an evening of listening in Manhattan with several high end audio reviewers, distributors, musicians and recording engineers, calling the Tunable Speakers "Revolutionary" followed by a round of "hear hear". the name stuck

Tuning Bar Technology

Hardwood instrument

baffle board

Hi-rez 3.5" paper tweeter

ERO-cap Bare Essence-wire

MGA 6.5" poly woofer

MGA Low Tone design

Full Range Performance 

seen above, Natural (Alder) Rev 6 and Rev SW-15, and RoomTune CornerTune

True 3-way Designing

There are three parts to true full range performance (speaker/room/ear) and Michael makes top to bottom listening easy. Years of Room-Tuning has given MGA the secret to in room sound pressure control. Your room is as much a part of your crossover network as your crossover parts themselves.
"The key to ultimate audiophile listening is free resonance, pressure zone controlling and timbre adjustability."
Michael Green 

How to choose your speaker

prefix (Rev, Viola, LOW) stands for series

first number, stands for size of woofer, 6 or 60 is 6.5" woofer

single numbers means monitor, end in 0 means floor standing

SW means subwoofer

Rev 60

Rev 6

Rev SW15

Rev 6, Viola Stand, BP/LTR Platform

email Michael and we'll get you started

"Did you know you can join the TuneLand forum and get free advice from Michael and the other Tunees from around the world? Well, you can! Michael has been helping Musicians, Engineers and Home Music Lovers since the 70's."

Ok, back to your Tunable Speaker exploring.

Michael Green Audio speakers aren't just another pretty face.

Click on the arrows to view the front, side and back of this MGA speaker. For those of you who are in the music business, you might recognize the famous MGA Tuning Bolts. When it comes to the final mix the Tunable monitors prove to be an engineer's best friend.

MGA Tunable Speakers work with almost any amplifier, Professional or Home. The Revolution Series is designed to produce musical notes at soft, moderate and loud levels depending on the room's conditioning. In a RoomTune acoustical environment the Rev 6 is rated at 92db (1 watt 1 meter). The Rev 60, 93db (1 watt 1 meter). And the Rev SW 15, 96db (1 watt 1 meter).

MGA Tunable Combos have higher efficiency, depending on which of the 3 Rev SW models is chosen and what setting on the crossover.


Our MGA Combos come with an outboard 100 watt or 200 watt Tunable Amplifier/Crossover.


We are always available to help you with any decisions.

MG Signature Speaker Models

Going MG Signature is a big step up for any ultra music connoisseur. It's a level that requires Michael's personal attention to harmonic timbre and body while listening and working on the acoustical instruments themselves, and chooses the translation for the end playback performance. The transition, when perfectly done, requires only a single Capacitor for the crossover to be completed bottom to top.


Proprietary takes on new meaning with Michaels hand voicing. And, no loudspeaker has ever been treated with such care.


The Rev8-H (hardwood) Signature

A reference speaker made from the finest musical instrument hardwood is almost impossible to find in today's world of fake materials.


"The Rev8-H Signature has been over 30 years in the making." mg

Find out more by visiting the speaker page on Michael Green's TuneLand

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