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MGA Tuning Blocks

Nothing says tonality like the sound of wood!

The AUDOLICI A25-M amplifier to the left seen with MGA Tunable Flooring, Brazilian Pine/LTR Runners, Sonata Basic Platform and Low Tone Redwood Blocks.

"The sound was rich, deep, with layers upon layers of stage" CES 2016

One Step Closer

MGA Tuning Blocks bring us one step closer to the real thing. The "Tuning Revolution" has come a long way in its almost 30 years. Racks, cones, spikes, springs, platforms, wood acoustical products (PZCs) and other specialty designs are the fretboards, strings, necks, body and bridges of the playback hobby.

Mini Mod Speakers, LTR Blocks, MGA Cones, Brazilian Pine Tuning Board with MTD Spikes, Magic Wood Squares, Bare Essence Speaker Wire.

MGA SW-10 Subwoofer, Bare Essence Speaker Wire, LTR Tuning Blocks, Sonata Platform (Music Ply Top).

MGA Top Tune Canopy, MTD Rod Cones, LTR Tuning Blocks, Magic Wood Squares, Sonata Platform, Picasso Interconnect.

A part of the music industry scene since the 1970's Michael's engineering and designing has played a role in making the music happen, captured and then reproduced with the most sonic integrity possible. Pioneering the art of Audio System Synergy Michael has been called the "Father of Tuning" in such fields as High End Audio and Studio Design. In 1989 Michael created a new audio paradigm that remains the standard in audio reproduction today "The Audio Trilogy" (everything affects everything else).

Electrical Mechanical Acoustical

3 levels of LTR (Redwood)




Email Michael and see which Tuning Blocks are right for you. 

Mixed Species

Low Tone Kit

Exotic Pucks

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