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Michael Green's Audio Cones (points) & Spikes

MGA Audio Cones have been an audiophile standard since 1989. The AAB1x1 is one of the favorite brass cones for the discerning listener. In the early 90's Michael upgraded his initial cone design, and named the new design MTD (Mechanical Transfer Device).

Perfect pitch brass

This new design initiated the next level of purity in cone design. A new generation of detail and dynamics. Most importantly with this clarity came an experience of the recorded space not available before.


We understand the sound of brass

Michael Green was the official acoustician for United Musical Instruments featuring Conn, King, Artley, Benge and more. MG is also known for his work at the Eastman School of Music, as Engineer for the Atlanta Symphony and the design of SUNY's music wing and recording studio in upstate New York.

Why audiophiles choose MGA over the other guys

As with musical instruments, in audio there are entry level products and those designed with more advanced and sophisticated capabilities. In choosing what transfer device to use we recommend exploring the physics of audio beyond the accepted audiophile myths. Decoupling is one of those myths. Decoupling and isolation sound good in sales copy but if something is touching something else, it is, in the truest sense, coupled. To the listener who is after musical truth the way components of a system are coupled to one another is critical to how the system sounds.

Quick comparison between us and a starter brand

Surface of competitor

Out of tune

Vibra-tuned surface of MTD


Above to the left is a competitor's brass cone. To the right above is Michael's move from entry level to advanced coupling.  The AAB1x1 is the current generation of MTD design and utilizes newly available materials, design processes and precision manufacturing.

"everything is relative to where you are on your musical journey"

michael green

contact plate



transfer point

The Sonic Bell

Listeners seeking the ideal resonant tone transfer points of any component or speaker will enjoy the Sonic Bell. They work similarly to the tuning peg, key, pedal, valve or any adjustable part of an instrument that responds to the fundamentals and harmonics as sound moves from one part of the instrument to the next.  Sonic Bells work wonderfully in combination with AAB1x1's, and with the MGA Voicing Squares.

"The Sonic Bell is an invaluable tool for my listening arsenal. Understanding that all recordings have their own recorded code, the Sonic Bell really helps to resolve and correct parts of the stage or pitch that might be slightly out of tune." 

michael green

the MTD Spike

Michael Green's Spikes incorporate the highly regarded MTD Transfer Point. Order your size now and hear more of your music.  

Using Cones, Spikes and other transfer devices shape the sound of our systems.  We are here to help you make the right choices.  

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