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Ordering Direct From Michael Green

Well if you've been reading any underground audiophile news at all you will see listeners taking tuning seriously like they did back in the early RoomTune days. How serious? Well I've been going 24/7 for months now. It's wonderful to see all the new attention we're getting and at the same time it's important to me that I can help you as much as I can in your choosing the right product for your needs. Last time this explosion of interest happened we set up a simple consultation plan and were able to help thousands of listeners. This time around I'm not so sure High End Audio is nearly as big. Still it only takes a few listeners a day to make my schedule interesting. Fortunately I have the TuneLand forum and when clients register and start a thread I'm able to browse and get things rolling for them, on their sometimes new and other times continuing Tuning adventures. The difference between now and back during the RoomTune rush is it takes man power to assist all the incoming needs. Tuning is not like buying an amp, where you plug it in and start playing. Nope Tuning involves, most of the time, several pieces of product and an over all plan for someone's sound. I wish there were 12 days in a week but those darn calendar guys only gave me seven. So it looks like I'm going to need to do some training of more support people. While this is taking place we have put Harold into production and that leaves me your temporary salesman, so take it easy on me :)

I've put this page up on the website so I can build it into a place of instruction on how best to help me help you. While I'm doing this and training others to help me during this time, send your info and sales request to me directly (except for dealers) Dealers you will keep your current protocol. Paypal is probably going to be the easiest way to pay us until we get the cards, transfers and other means setup. Shouldn't take long and you are already use to sending your checks or paypal-ing anyway. But, we're going to have to streamline things as quickly as we can or I will be looking over a pile of orders. I will put this up on facebook and here and on TuneLand. So just keep in mind dealers please continue to go to (nothing will change for you) and the rest of you to . For now just do email because my phone is swamped. Thank you so much, and thanks for your business. All of you are great and I look forward to dealing with you directly during this time of adjustment.

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