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MGA Platforms

advancing the Art of mechanical tuning

It's rare to set up a high end audio system and have it be perfectly aligned mechanically with the physical environment (the room). We created the RoomTune Tunable Racks in the late 80's to address exactly this issue. And as audio advances, so must the tools supporting the hobby.  

High End Audio system setups have moved to the next level, mechanical Platforms.

When audiophiles get the components home it's just the beginning of the musical journey of their system. MGA provides cones, spikes, blocks, springs, feet, rods, grounds and a host of other mechanical transfer devices that allow the listener to enhance and tune in the capabilities of the electronic components, speakers or any part of the audio chain.

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Using Platforms

Carpet can suck the life out of a system and prevent proper grounding from taking place. MGA Platforms give the components a level of tonal expression and dynamics not available when sitting on carpet. By design MGA tuned wood products such as Tuning Platforms provide this benefit on all surfaces that they are placed on.

Rather than isolating, decoupling or dampening a system's inherent mechanical energy, as conventional audiophile wisdom of past decades has insisted, MGA products allow the listener to direct and tune in that flow of energy to benefit the system's dynamics, tonality and clarity.

In this system in Singapore the listener has removed the extraneous materials from the components that can negatively color the sound, then applied MGA tuning methods and products. A personal concert hall has been created here.

One of Michael's personal listening rooms (#2) with a SAM back wall, voiced raised flooring, MGA tweaks and Sonata Basic Platforms.

featuring: Viola FS, Audolici, RTD2 with MGA cable and cable grounds.

Design and Production

Michael's design process has always been an in-house 24/7 R&D effort. He likens his design process and production of the wood products to custom string instrument shops.   He listens to his designs at every step of their creation.

"All materials have unique vibratory two violins sound the same. Thinking audio can be a fixed plug & play hobby is very limiting of one's with musical instruments our hobby is variable."   


Platform curing room 

The secret to the sound of MGA wood products is the choosing, baking, sanding, finishing, voicing and final curing. In between each step products find themselves carefully listened to and fine tuned until the tone is ready for them to move to the next stage of production. 

Basic Platform Models

custom voicing is our specialty

Brazilian Pine Basic

The BP-Basic is made completely from hand picked Brazilian Pine. As with all the MGA Platforms the wood is cured and voiced in the beneficial dry air of the Nevada desert.

Stock sizes

18x18, 23x23, 23x36, 23x48 


The BP/LTR is made from Brazilian Pine & LTR (Low Tone Redwood). Check with us for voicing options, Spike Plates and Rails.

Stock sizes

18x18, 23x23, 23x36, 23x48 


Email me "Michael Green" for details on making your MGA products Signature.

Signature Tuning Platforms
Hearing is believing, believing is the beginning

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