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the RoomTune solution for band room acoustics

professional series

Many of the worlds most prestigious rehearsal rooms and halls choose RoomTune acoustical treatments for the most accurate and pitch critical sound presentation possible.

"it's not simply treating rooms, but more understanding each one of them as we would the instruments playing inside, or the microphones used to give me that perfect sound, space and harmonic structure. Setting up an orchestra for rehearsal, live performance or recording, the goal should never be to kill the sound, but instead bringing the performance to life." 

michael green audio engineer


credits include: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra-Cleveland Symphony Orchestra-London Symphony Orchestra-Mormon Tabernacle Choir-EMI Records-A&M Records-Abbey Road Studio-SUNY Oneonta

Your Room's Potential

To the right is our RoomTune Solution read along. We hope you find the information helpful. To move forward to the next page click on the right arrow. And to move back a page click on the left arrow. At the bottom you will also find page reference dots. Click on any of them to browse the presentation.

On these pages we'll talk about the basics of sound. Not too deep, just enough to get everyone on the same wavelength. After we explore a little tech chat you'll be able to correctly identify some of the common acoustical problems, typical solutions and then on to the RoomTune Solution. 


Michael Green's RoomTune

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