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We hope you have found our site helpful. It's our desire and pleasure to share the method of tuning with music lovers who wish to go that extra step in performance. It's a great hobby and there's no end to the improvements you can make to your system. If you're like us every recording is a treasure and worthy of exploring its riches. 

Michael Green

We're only an email away from you!

When you need to contact us for general information on any Michael Green Audio or RoomTune products and services please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as our next support team member is available. Don't forget to leave us your phone # if you wish to talk to us in person.

Want to email Michael Green directly, sure. Michael is available to help you with your new recording studio project, or design your school's bandroom acoustics, or to help the audiophile fine tune his or hers listening room and stereo system. MG's been tuning rooms with his RoomTune products since the late 80's. Literally thousands of listeners have sent Michael pictures or diagrams of their rooms, and when possible he will personally give placement advice or help you with your order.

Michael Green's personal email


How and Where to buy MGA/RoomTune products

There are different ways to buy MGA/RoomTune products, including through a local dealer, an on-line dealer or as a TuneLand member. If you utilize the services of a local dealer, we encourage you to support its efforts. There are also great on-line dealers to build good relationships with. And if you become a TuneLand member you can by directly from us. Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied successful listener!  


Sound Consultant

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Show and Tell

The Shows

Get Tuned!

We love meeting you at the trade shows and events. Come to the shows and get in on the fun by taking a picture with us. You can also purchase Get Tuned! T-shirts for you and your friends.


Tribute to Bobby

From 1990-2015 Bobby Palkovic (Merlin Speakers) used RoomTune acoustical treatment every year for his trade show appearances. You are missed my friend. It was an honor to be a part of your music.


CES 2005

In 2005 Michael Green Audio showed at our private suite in the Vegas Towers, 2 miles from the Las Vegas strip.

high end audio's shows press articles source

CES 2010

Article by Michael


CES 2016

Steven Rochlin's

Get Tuned! photo shoot

michael green audio

michael green

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