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    Picasso & Bare Essence

    Picasso Interconnect

    Available in Type 1 and Type 2

    Picasso interconnects, born from simplicity to deliver the complexity of music ART

    Type 1

    Type 2

    MGA Solid Core

    Michael Green Audio products are naturally temp-a-cured in Nevada, USA

    We are designers who want to hear outside the typical audiophile box. For this reason cryogenic  cable treatment is "out" and baking is "in". You can always tune-in but once you permanently squeeze the signal through cryogenic treatment, you can't tune out-ward again. Why do some audiophile systems sound bright? Because something in the audio chain is squeezing the harmonics.

    MGA doesn't want to overwhelm listeners with loads of technobabble regarding our Bare Essence Speaker Cable. We're simply going to continue to bake (condition) some of the best sounding speaker wire in the world and show serious listeners how to use it. 

    MGA Solid Core

    Bare Essence Speaker Cable line up

    Type 1

    Recommended for low mass simple audio chains. Usually used with Type 1 Picasso IC. 

    Type 2

    Type 2 is a very flexible design in both Picasso and Bare Essence. Recommended for most systems as an easy to use cable. 

    Type 3

    If a system is more complex using Type 3 can uncomplicate the signal pathway. We recommend learning how to voice this cable to give the desired harmonic structure. 

    Type 4

    We only recommend Type 4 when needing extreme tuning.

    Picasso Type2 "Gold"

    Choosing your MGA cable is easy

    There are two conditioning treatments used in the making of our cable. One is called "Picasso" and the other "Bare Essence".

    Picasso is used for interconnects and hook up (point to point) soldering. Picasso is available in Type1 and 2.

    Bare Essence is used for speaker cable and "audio" power cords. Bare Essence is available in Types 1,2,3,4.

    Bare Essence Type 3

    BE-Type 3-20amp

    BE-Type 2-15amp

    Picasso Type 2 XLR

    Picasso Type 2 RCA Gold

    Bare Essence Power Strip Kits

    BE-Type 4 Effective Gauge 14

    Brazilian Pine Cable Grounds


    four basic adjustments

    angle of tuning bar

    tuning screw adjustment

    more body

    tighter harmonics

    cable placement

    If you know what cable you want, email us and we're all set. If your not sure ask, we'll be happy to help. If you want to see how people are using the cable, visit the TuneLand forum and check out other listeners experiences. 

    click on the dulcimer and it will take you to TuneLand

    Warning:  If your audio components are not properly ventilated and run abnormally hot unplug "audio" power cables and refer to your component manual for power restrictions and use.