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Welcome to Tuning 

As stated by "The Absolute Sound" magazine in 1990, RoomTune began the tuning revolution, a new audiophile era in room acoustic treatments. 

Room Tuning

"The Method of Tuning began music's technology of correctness. It is this method that inspires the best in playback."  

Rolling Stone

Audiophile System Tuning

Tunable Loudspeakers

"Michael Green's speaker designing is based on the build of musical instruments and their interaction with acoustical space."   


All room acoustics are made up of pressure. This pressure is by nature "tunable". The pressure zone controller (PZC) turns a room into the variable acoustical equalizer it was meant to be.  

Pressure Zone Controlling

Music, as well as audio, is vibratory. MGA products allow full expression of the music's dynamics and harmonics, bringing the performance to life.   

Vibratory Tuning

Music School designing and Band Room acoustics is one of Michael's specialties, using the award winning RoomTune Solution.

Bandroom Room Tuning

Picasso Interconnects and Bare Essence Cable give listeners the opportunity to voice the signal pathway.


Thank you for visiting our home page. Above was a brief preview of this site. Below is a short view of some of Michael's designs and credits. Be sure to click on the horizontal and vertical menu bar at the top of this page to discover more. For commercial and pro info visit the TuneLand forum, call or send us an email. For trade shows and personal appearances visit our show report page.

"It's my pleasure designing reference rooms and systems"



Rev6 Combo


The Amazing Revolution Series Loudspeakers

"Hearing is believing.....I can see everything in the recorded sound stage"

"Best piano I have ever heard"

"My new mastering reference.....stand aside NS-10, JBL & B&W"

"Saying I am satisfied would be a gross understatement"

"Most realistic sound I have experienced.....that's the real deal right there"

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